UW Event Planner's Guide

Event Planning Guide

"Special events are excellent opportunities to recognize, involve and educate various publics – the university community, the local community, government officials, the media, and others. Event planning does not need to be overwhelming. The tools found here will give you resources with which to plan a well-organized, exciting event at UW.

The checklist and its accompanying appendices have been designed to be a resource for UW campus event planners. They are not meant to stifle your creativity when planning your unique, special event. You are encouraged to add your own flair and style to each event, one that appropriately reflects the mandate of your faculty or department. Use this manual as a guide to help you find resources, to answer questions you may have, to keep yourself organized, and to help yourself cover all bases.

If you have any additional questions when planning your specific event, please fell free to contact
Patricia Duguay, Associate Director, Public Affairs, ext. 33276 or pduguay@uwaterloo.ca

Have fun!"

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