ASU First-Year Rep Application

Are you a First Year Student in the Arts Faculty? Get involved!

The duties and powers of the Representative of First Year Relations shall be as follows:

a. They shall conduct their office in the best interests of the ASU and be accessible to the membership at regular and reasonable hours;
b. They shall make themselves available to attend various committee meetings around campus and should the need arise, to inform these bodies of the position of the ASU on specific issues;
c. They shall make a reasonable effort to inform all major First Year classes of various ASU activities throughout the year;
d. They shall be voting members of both the Executive Committee and Council;
e. They shall attend all meetings, including residential, academic, etc., concerning first year students of the Faculty and provide verbal reports, and when necessary, make recommendations to Council on matters concerning first year students;
f. They shall solicit first year students for feedback at least once per Fall and Winter terms, and provide recommendations or reports to the Executive on said information.
g. They shall also collaborate with the ONE Waterloo Diversity Campaign during the Fall and Winter terms, and provide updates to the Executive.

Click on the link below for the application.Successful candidates will be contacted for an interview.